Turf Fuel's
Special Value Bundle


Only Available August 1st - September 30th

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Turf Fuel's Special Value Bundle

Turf Fuel has created a special value bundle that includes three of the most technologically advanced products in the turf industry. The bundle provides the essential nutrients and biostimulants for day to day turf performance while feeding the soil ecosystem.

This bundle is available 8/1/2022 - 9/30/2022!

What's Included?


VERTICAL™ works vertically from the rhizosphere to the tips of leaf blades creating a never before synergy between plant and soil. VERTICAL is a unique formulation of rich organic material blended with a proprietary sugar complex, potassium chelated with carbon, a Turf Fuel-only rooting technology and our university tested Nutrifense™ technology. VERTICAL will make both your plant and soil stronger than ever.

Mic Drop

MIC DROP is a comprehensive blend of micronutrients, a proprietary sugar package, root-driving sea kelp, and carbon, all powered by our REACTION™ technology. Designed for optimal nutrient absorption, MIC DROP delivers intense, long lasting color while enhancing the biology in any soil. MIC DROP has been university proven to increase a plant’s photosynthetic ability. More photosynthesis means more energy and stronger turf!

Base N25

BASE N25 is a core nitrogen product with 40% slow release nitrogen derived from urea triazine. Expect steady, controlled growth for excellent turf quality and color. Base N25 is enhanced with Turf Fuel’s Grow2Defend biostimulants group. Fortified with proprietary G2D technology, Base N25 enhances your turf strength.


Increased Photosynthesis

Stress Tolerant

Stronger Turf

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