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What is TF Infinite™?
Infinite™ is the first soil surfactant that includes multiple ingredients, designed to manage both soil moisture, plant stress and recovery. A multiple polymer product, fortified with two novel technologies; DiuTuron and Templar. Patent-pending DiuTuron polymer technology improves the longevity and residual of the product in the soil. DiuTuron allows lower use rates. Infinite™ also includes Templar, which reduces stress associated with heat and drought by enhancing the plants’ natural defense mechanisms. The combination of reduced hydration stress and improved turf defense makes Infinite’s performance endless.

New Game Changing Technology

A new patent-pending polymer in the Turf Fuel polymer system magnifies performance and enhances stability. Diuturon results in longer performance at lower rates.

Uses two unique components to enhance plant stress tolerance. Templar reduces the effect of heat and drought stress on the plant. Templar defends your Turf.

Features and Benefits

Preventative & Corrective Stress Application

Fast Reduction From Heat & Drought Stress

Low Use Rate

Safe on All Turf

Increased Soil Moisture to Air Ratio

Enhanced Moisture Retention & Duration

Reduce Heat & Drought Stress

Improves Turf Recovery

Look At Infinite™ In Action

Infinite™ provides unparalleled reduction in turf stress caused from heat and drought. Infinite™ uses 5 surfactant components to provide a complex web of soil hydration. Infinite™ makes soil hydration consistent and predictable, ensuring optimal soil hydration under all conditions.

large photo tf infinite

TF Infinite™ plot at the 2019 University of Arkansas trial showed noticeably better visual quality compared to other surfactant treatments.

Proven Results

UofA Trial Graph 4000x2000

Esplanade Trial Graph 4000x2000

Turf Blog


A legendary superintendent that I once worked for would deliver a severe tongue lashing if turf was ever overwatered. That same veteran would be very understanding if the decision was made not to water and turf suffered because of it. That wisdom has been reinforced over and over again in my travels as I have witnessed that managing water is the most important and often most difficult thing about managing quality turf. There is always something that complicates the seemingly simple practice of making sure the grass is watered. Either there is too much of it, not enough of it, the soil won’t absorb it, the wind is too strong, the well has dried up or the pumps have died. How can we best find this critical balance?

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