The Bright Way to Fly Control

STRIKE MAX GLO VERSA™ is the newest LED Insect Light Trap designed for larger spaces. Whether it's supermarkets, large restaurants, commercial kitchens or warehouses, STRIKE MAX GLO VERSA™ blends in well with a full range of indoor settings by using its discreet, adaptable design. The exterior utilizes two powerful 10W LED bulbs to attract pests. The glue board not only serves to capture flying insects, but also helps in identifying insect species.

Glo versa specs updated


Leading in Performance


  • Strike Max Glo Versa catches flies faster because of the LED technology
  • As effective or better than any fluorescent ILT but with energy savings of up to 67%
  • Strike Max Glo Versa can reach up to 80% further than traditional fluorescent lamps


  • Safer and easier to service
  • Versatile, modern and aesthetically pleasing designs to suit different business needs and locations
  • 62% less carbon emissions
  • LED lamps need changed every 3 years compared to fluorescent bulbs that are changed annually


Energy Savings

Strike Max Glo Versa provides users up to 67% energy savings while catching flies faster than any other LED ILT!


Further Reach

Not only is Strike Max Glo Versa safer and easier to service, but it reaches 80% further than traditional fluorescent lamps!


Less Carbon Emissions

Strike Max Glo Versa give off an astounding 62% less carbon emissions while only requiring the LED light be changed once every three years!

Why LED?

  • Very high light quality and greater UV output
  • LED lamps have a very long lifespan - last 3 years before needing to be replaced
  • Strike Max LED lamps do not contain mercury which can potentially affect people’s health
  • LED lamps are extremely energy efficient
  • Very low maintenance costs and hassle
  • Controlled UV output stability at 365 nm at low running temp.
  • Disposal of LED lamps is safer and easier due to their lack of mercury compared to fluorescent lights.



Register your StrikeMax Glo Flylight for Warranty and Lamp Replacement Reminders.



Efficacy Testing: The Half Life Test

Strike Max Glo Versa was evaluated against the top ILT products in the market. Through a standardized test, measuring the time it takes for the ILT products to capture 50% of the insects in a room, Strike Max Glo Versa proved to be the fastest of all units tested.

Glo Versa Efficacy Chart-1  

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