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About Strike Max CITO Paste *

STRIKE MAX CITO Paste™ is Target Specialty Products' first proprietary rodenticide soft bait. The paste contains brodifacoum, making it highly effective against many varieties of rodents. CITO Paste is highly palatable, easy to use, resists drying out, and can be used either indoors or outdoors. Click the button or fill out the form below for detailed information.

* Not available for sale in the state of California

Features and Requirements

Highly Palatable Formulation

  • Strike Max CITO Paste uses a proprietary formula that makes it very attractive to rodent's smell, which leads to increased consumption
  • Contains brodifacoum, which is the primary ingredient for maximum effectiveness
  • Does not contain paraffin wax

EPA Registered Proprietary Formula

  • Strike Max CITO Paste is registered with the EPA, meeting all requirements and protocols

Secure Placement

  • Sticks to substrate and debris
  • Eliminates translocation compared to soft packs and blocks

Environmental Stability

  • Resists drying out
  • Outdoor longevity up to four months

Ease of Use

  • Simplified application
  • Eliminates greasy dye of soft packs
  • Placement can be "topped off/smoothed over" to observe fresh new feeding activity

Additional Requirements

  • A caulking gun (sold separately)
  • Internal or external bait trays (sold separately)


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